Looking for real estate in 60610? You’ve come to the right person! Debra Dobbs has sold hundreds of homes in the 60610 zip code during her career as one of Chicago’s top real estate agents!

The 60610 zip code is comprised mainly of Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood, as well as a portion of the historic Gold Coast. What was once an up-and-coming zip code has now officially arrived, and is among some of the most popular real estate in the city–chock full of charming walk-ups, and high-rise condos new and old. The area is just a short walk from Michigan Avenue and a quick El ride to downtown.

Some of city's oldest real estate can be found within this zip code. Full amenity modern style condo buildings can be found in and around the 60610 neighborhoods providing great views of Chicago city life. Many brick walk-ups may be found all throughout the Old Town area's peaceful tree-lined streets. With homebuyers looking to find 60610 real estate combining modern luxury with vintage charm they can have the best of both worlds with a fully updated condo inside one of this area’s many historical residential buildings.

The 60610 real estate area also contains the elegant Gold Coast neighborhood which continues to be called home by the city’s upper class. While some single-family homes still exist, the most coveted real estate consists of beautiful vintage buildings that overlook the lake. Look inland to find some high-rise apartment buildings low-rise residential blocks.

In my time with @ Properties, I’ve had the good fortune to sell a number of apartments at 1550 N. State Parkway, designed by the famed architect, Benjamin Marshall. Another favorite gem is the newly restored Ambassador West Hotel and now converted to elegant and spacious condominium homes.

Property values in this zip code are up 17% from 10 years ago, with prices for condos and homes in River North ranging from $175,000 for an entry level condominium to $4.7 million for a custom, extraordinary single family home.

A life-long Chicago resident, Debra knows the 60610 zip code all too well! And we’re not just talking about real estate–she knows the best can’t-miss local spots in the neighborhood, too!


This area offers many transportation options, with the red, brown and purple train lines covering multiple stops in or adjacent to the 60610 borders. Between trains, busses, cabs and Uber, owning a car is completely optional!


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Debra Dobbs is one of the top Trulia Agents!
Trusted Zillow agents are in high demand!
Realtor.com agents are the rated highly!

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Business Address – Debra Dobbs
548 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
About Debra: Among Chicago’s most elite realtors, Debra is consistently ranked in the top 1% in the city, and has been named one of Chicago Agent’s Top Ten agents. As part of @ Properties, the largest independent real estate brokerage firm in Illinois, she’s been fiercely advocating for her clients for the past 30 years. She’s sold hundreds of homes in the 60610 zip code, and is even a resident herself!
Are you looking for a great Gold Coast condo? I can help you find the best condos for sale in the 60610 Chicago zip code. My extensive knowledge of the area gives me insights on all the preferred condo high rise buildings.
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